Attract the Best Talent, Every time

Australia has 5.9% unemployment1… we’re constantly told about the number of people out there looking for work, yet when it comes to attracting the best talent to grow your business, it can feel impossible.

So how can you make your organisation an employer of choice?

In our competitive world, prospective employees and even contractors look for more than a reliable take home wage.

Much like entering a personal relationship, they need to know they will feel comfortable within your culture, be happy to turn up every day and be appreciated for their mental and physical investment.

It’s quite likely that even before a candidate submits their job application, they’ll have done some intensive research on your company – they want to know the history of your organisation, the philosophy of your brand, about the culture of your organisation and the strength of your leadership team. They’ll want to understand your position in the market and who your customers are. Chances are, they’ll start by looking at your website and social media before searching for articles in the media (the good and the bad). They may even contact your customers or suppliers.

Potential employees and contractors will also want to understand where you sit in terms of corporate responsibility – are you actively involved in fundraising for charity; do you encourage volunteering in the community, are the products you design / manufacture / distribute ethical?

Those with the greatest potential will want to know that once they’re on-board, they’ll become engaged in the development of your business, invited to contribute their creative and strategic ideas and be recognised for their participation. They’ll also need to know there is a strong career path to invest their energy into.

All of this means that well before you start recruiting, you’ll need to have a good think about how your company is positioned, the types of candidates you want to attract and how you can engage them from day one.

Here are a few tips that will position you as am employer of choice:

  • Make sure your online presence is up to date and reflects your company at its best.
  • Whether you’re advertising online or in print, using a recruiter or word of mouth, avoid generalisations and clichés in favour of being clear about the job requirements and performance expectations.
  • Maintain communication and act quickly throughout the process to ensure you don’t lose a good candidate to another employer
  • Broaden your options by being open to taking on someone with the attitude and capacity to grow into the role with training and experience
  • Be prepared to offer a salary that is at least competitive
  • Spell out the potential career path within your organisation
  • Consider other incentives that might make the role more appealing: flexible hours; uniform; professional development; performance bonuses etc.

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