There’s No I In Team

Two massive contributors to the success of your organisation are your leadership and the people you choose to make up your team. Yet building and leading a team can be particularly challenging when you’re growing a business, especially if you rely on contractors to provide specialist skills or fill the gaps on an ad-hoc basis.

So how do you ensure the people you engage – whether they are full-time employees or casual contractors – will become effective team members?

Teams don’t just happen – they need to be carefully constructed to provide a balance of personalities, and diverse skills and perspectives.

Before you begin recruiting, articulate your organisation’s culture – specifying its values and behaviours and how these will relate to the team members you intend to recruit.

During the recruitment process, it’s valuable to adhere to a few simple rules:

  • Don’t try to teach the wrong people the right behaviours – get the right people from the beginning,
  • If you’re in doubt about a potential hire, don’t take them on,
  • If you need to make a change, don’t muck around.

Once you’ve got your team in place you’ll need to nurture its growth and development, and this can only be done with strong, inspiring leadership.

People who work for inspiring leaders are more likely to be engaged in their work, more productive and more loyal to their company.

With this in mind:

  • Treat your people well,
  • Be honest and open in your communication,
  • Be positive, even when you’re faced with challenges,
  • Set and articulate clear goals,
  • Promote good teamwork at staff meetings and during individual catch ups,
  • Identify specific behaviours that reflect the articulated values of your team and take the opportunity to discuss shortfalls.
  • Give your people responsibility but hold them accountable for their actions, and
  • Invest in their professional development and help them achieve their goals.

Grow your team

Putting your team in place is just the beginning and it takes time. Talk to Ayers Group about the services we offer to streamline your business administration and you’re your wealth. Our customised services can also help your contractors to manage their contracts, timesheets and expenses, as well as give all parties more time to get back to business.