Attract the Best International Talent

Within an increasingly global world, there is fierce competition to attract the best international skills into businesses in Australia. But the effort can be worth it – doing so will enable you to tap into new talent pools, where you can gain expertise in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, science and technology, and engineering. It could also give you the international knowledge and contacts you need to expand your business into new markets. 

If you’re going to get serious about attracting mobile international talent, it’s a good idea to start by developing a mobility policy that addresses your unique business objectives, talent expectations and market opportunities. Much like a business plan, it should clearly link objectives with actions and actions with outcomes.

Your policy should also set out clear and concise guidelines for attracting, recruiting and managing foreign workers and their families. After all, not every international worker has the same goals or motivations in seeking international work:

  • Some will be looking to earn and save more money and this may entice them to take on high paid work in remote or difficult locations,
  • Others will be looking to fast track their career or gain multiple experiences in an effort to develop their own professional expertise, 
  • Some will prioritise support for their partner and families and maybe enticed by an offer of project work for their partner, or help to find their partner work, 
  • Others will be looking for an attractive lifestyle or a job that introduces adventure – such as travelling to work in locations they would not otherwise experience,
  • Some may simply be looking to experience multiple workplaces and jobs during their time overseas – they don’t want to be tied down. 

With these personal and professional motivations in mind, you can take a more holistic approach to attract talent, that matches your business needs with the type of employee you’re most likely to attract. Then you can work out a package that will win them over – one that looks after their personal wellbeing, long-term career development plans and their family. 

We Can Help You

The Ayers Group is one of few companies that is approved by the Australian Department of Immigration to hire and on-hire international workers. Our experts can help you by advising on and arranging, temporary and permanent visas for international workers who have the approved skills you need. 

We can even take your contractors on as tax employees of the Ayers Group, freeing you of the risks associated with visa sponsorship, and enabling your mobile talent to take on multiple contracts that provide the diverse experience they’re looking for. Talk to an expert from the Ayers Group today.