COVID-19 has thrown workers across Australia and around the world into a new normal that for many now involves working from home.

While some businesses are currently transitioning their workforce back into the formal workplace, others have decided to allow workers to work either part-time or full time from home.

If you haven’t already carefully considered your home workspace, and you’re intending to continue working from home, now is the time to give it some thought… after all, a poorly set up workstation can increase your risk of injury, poor posture, back problems and eye strain.

Use this simple checklist to ensure you are working within a safe home office environment: 

  1. Sit in an adjustable chair that provides lower back support and is set to a height that allows your feet to be flat on the floor or on a footrest, with your knees level with, or lower than, your hips,
  2. Check to ensure your shoulders and arms are relaxed when you are sitting,
  3. Choose a flat work surface that is large enough to fit all the items you need and high enough to allow sufficient leg room, 
  4. Ensure the top of your computer screen/s is at eye level and approximately one arm’s length away from you,
  5. If you use a laptop, preferably use a separate keyboard and mouse, 
  6. Position your keyboard directly in front of you with your wrists straight and your forearms parallel to the floor (if this is not possible, consider using a forearm support),
  7. Choose a mouse that fits comfortably in your hand and position it beside the keyboard,
  8. Ensure lighting is adequate, even as it changes throughout the day, and that it does not create glare on your computer screen, 
  9. Maintain clear and safe access to your workstation, being mindful of any trip hazards, such as spilt liquids, turned mats, and electrical cords running across the floor, and  
  10. Maintain cords and plugs to ensure they do not become damaged and do not overload power points.

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