Doubts About Mental Health? You’re Not On Your Own.

Three million Australians are living with anxiety or depression – are you one of them?

The world is going through unprecedented times, bringing challenges for job security, relationships and mental health.

At a time like this, it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about events unfolding in Australia and overseas, however what’s not acceptable is to try to work through these feelings on your own. Talking to family and friends may be enough support, but if you need more, be sure to reach out for professional help – the earlier the better for you!

While you seek external support there are a few things you can do to bolster your resilience during challenging times:

  • Remain connected, kind and compassionate.
  • Take control of the input you are receiving about the pandemic, economy etc, by limiting the number of bulletins you hear via radio, television, newspaper or online.  
  • Rather than listen to all and sundry, get the information you need from sources you can trust, such as The World Health Organization, the Australian Government or your local state or territory health authority.
  • Continue to pursue activities you enjoy that lift your spirits.
  • Eat well and take regular exercise to help build you mental and physical resilience. 
  • If appropriate, seek support to quit smoking, get enough sleep, reduce your alcohol and/ or intake of drugs, 
  • Practice regular deep breathing or meditation.
  • If you’re concerned about job security, book a time with your employer or contract manager to discuss your role and it’s future.

Talking through your thoughts can be difficult, especially if you’re going through a tough time and have depressionanxiety or suicidal thoughts, but as Beyond Blue says, keeping silent may make it all seem even worse. Beyond Blue can also connect you to NewAccess, a free and confidential mental health coaching program for anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed about everyday life issues.

Not Sure Whether You Need Help? 

Beyond Blue also has valuable calculator – a quick 10 question checklist to help determine where you are sitting in terms of anxiety/ depression. This anonymous tool can help you gauge your current mental health and the results can be taken to your doctor for further discussion.

Seek Support for Your Business

When you’re feeling down or anxious, the day-to-day realities of working as a contractor can become overwhelming. The Ayers Group is here to help you manage your obligations so that you can take time out for yourself.

 Contact an expert at the Ayers Group today. Our contract management and payroll solutions could be all you need to get your administration back on track so that you can focus on your mental health.