Reassessing Your Priorities? Here are a Few Tips

Looking to get more of a balance in your life – to spend more time doing what you want to do and less time at work?

You’re not on your own.

Having lived and worked through the pandemic, many people are reassessing their work/life balance and making decisions about how they’re going to change things going forward.

Cutting back hours, working more from home, working for more than one organisation rather than being locked in, and contracting services instead of working as an employee, are some of the options.

However, for many there are a few hurdles to overcome before any of these goals can be achieved.

One is financial – if you cut back on your hours, how will you make the same (or more) money? It’s not as if your outgoings are going to decrease. In fact, they’re likely to increase if you’ve got more time to spend doing what you want to do.

Another hurdle is psychological – who’s to say you’ve got the right to dictate how, when and where you’re going to get your work done.


So, here’s the solution.


Work less but achieve more.

Sound impossible? It’s not. The trick is to work out when you’re most productive and make sure that’s when you commit to doing your work. If you’re most productive in the morning, block out those hours for head down, solid work and set your meetings/ phone calls etc for the afternoons. By being disciplined with the way you work, you’ll find you get much more done in a shorter space of time. Furthermore, because you’re going to create more time for yourself, you’ll feel refreshed, clearer in the head and more creative when you sit down to work.

Try using a time tracking app to work out when you’re most productive and how long tasks take – this will help you plan your days for optimum productivity. It will also help you ascertain the real value of the work you do. This brings me to break down the psychological barrier.


Be confident in your abilities and your value

Take a step back to consider your employment KPIs and how you can continue to achieve them within fewer hours or by working under arrangements that you find more appealing.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start negotiating.

Here’s how to get the best results:

  • Be clear about your commitment to the organisation and specific about your proposed changed work arrangements – articulate how, and why your plan will enable you to meet your employment/contract KPIs,
  • Be ready with a few options if your employer knocks you back,
  • If your employer wishes to negotiate, ask for time to consider their proposed solution before making a decision, and
  • If your current employer isn’t prepared to consider any of your suggested arrangements, consider looking elsewhere – find a new opportunity that lets you contract under your own terms.


It’s All in the Balance

At The Ayers Group, our expert team is here to help you manage life as a contractor. With systems and services to streamline your administration, you can focus on finding the contracts that really appeal and give you the work/life balance you’re after. Call an expert at The Ayers Group today.