Dmitry Stenin has joined the Ayers Group as Client Account Manager, taking care of clients previously managed by Kirsty Crow, who is off on maternity leave.

Dmitry, who comes from a background in superannuation and novated leasing, said he is relishing the opportunity to step into “the big shoes” left behind by Kirsty.

“While in previous roles, I’d only get to talk to clients once or twice, this job is all about long-term relationships. I’m really excited about the opportunity to build a rapport with our clients – it’s something I like doing,” he said.

“I have to admit feeling a bit jittery for the first few days, however now I’ve completed my training and I’m feeling well supported by the team around me. Already I’ve started meeting clients and they’re really enjoyable to chat to – they understand and trust what we’re doing here, there’s a great sense of transparency.”

Outside work, Dmitry enjoys acting and is mid-way through a professional acting course. “I really enjoy film and television – there’s nothing better than to step into the character of a different person, to fall in love with that person and to tell their story.”

Welcome to the team Dmitry!