PAYG & PTY Insurances: The Necessary Evils

Insurances are a minefield. How do you, as a contractor, know what cover you need, how much you need to pay, or how much you’ll be able to afford to pay as your earnings and workplace risks fluctuate over time.

And yet insurance is something you mustn’t ignore. Whether you’re contracting your expertise as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) or Proprietary Limited Company (Pty) worker, you need insurance to protect yourself against the unexpected.

At the Ayers Group (a People2.0 company), we take away the stress and compliance of procuring and managing your workplace insurances.

If you’re a PAYG working through the Ayers Group we will automatically provide you with all the necessary insurances, including professional indemnity, public liability, and worker’s compensation insurance. If you’re a PTY worker and contracting through the Ayers Group, we can also cover you for 2 out of 3 compulsory insurances; Professional indemnity and Public liability insurance – you would just need to take out your own Workers Compensation insurance.

By taking advantage of the insurance protections we provide, you’ll be free of the need to research and negotiate with different insurance providers, plus, you’ll potentially save thousands of dollars per year as you won’t be hit with upfront, monthly or annual premiums… you’ll only ever pay for what you need.

Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered in the event of a workplace accident.

Talk to an expert at the Ayers Group today to find out more about the insurances you need as a professional contractor and how we can help you.