Payroll Financing the Most Important Value Add, Say Agencies

Who doesn’t want to be paid, in full and on time?

In a competitive employment environment, it’s essential that you pay your contractors in full, on time, every time. If you don’t, chances are they’ll jump ship, leaving you short on talent.

And don’t you know it. In a recent poll we opened on LinkedIn, 63% of agencies and companies who responded said that on time, weekly payments is the most important value add service they can offer their contractors. This was followed by tax savings options (30%).

Yet there’s no doubt that payroll financing puts a massive burden on organisations, especially when the economy is as volatile as it is right now.

At the Ayers Group, our payroll financing solution is making a massive difference to companies like yours that take on contract workers. Simply because it means that no matter what your week-to-week financial situations is, your contractors will be paid… on time, every time.

Backed by our parent company, People2.0, our one stop solution for recruiters and corporates takes care of all your contractor management needs and contractor payroll financing.

Quick, easy, and free to set up, we offer highly competitive finance, tailored to your business needs with no minimum or maximum credit limit.

Contact an expert at the Ayers Group to find out more today.