The digital demand for streamlining recruitment processes

As a talent acquisition specialist, it’s important to recognise the essential role technology plays in the recruitment process. To ensure your workforce are differentiating themselves against the competition you must seek innovative ways to approach talent search and most importantly retention.

“Technology organisations are adopting are changing rapidly but so too are the different ways technology can be used. To succeed, organisations need people who not only understand how to make the best use of these technologies but who also have the interpersonal skills to bring the organisation along with them,” says Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand.

As recruiters continue to explore various ways to efficiently manage their back-end services, Ayers Group suggest three key digital procedures which must be considered to achieve an effective recruitment process:

The recruitment process doesn’t end with an acceptance

As all recruiters know, the process of hiring a new candidate doesn’t end with the acceptance of a role. Copious amounts of paperwork and legalities can bury even the largest companies in a mountain of paperwork. Onboarding is a systemic approach to managing back end office support to ensure new candidates feel welcomed and supported in their new role. This may include contractor management, payroll solutions, visa support and more. By outsourcing the onboarding process, recruiters are able to be flexible with their time and focus their efforts on sourcing and hiring new talent.

Experience the speed, efficiency and ease of Electronic Timesheets

Whilst Electronic Timesheets may be familiar to most, it’s surprising how many recruiters are still using their paper counterparts. Electronic Timesheets have proven themselves to be significantly more efficient in capturing accurate data and monitoring real time supervision.

As expected mobile devices play a key part in this process, employees can access their timesheets wherever and whenever is convenient. Recruiters will no longer have to spend time chasing employees for their scanned timesheets, nor will they have to manually input data. Electronic Timesheets minimise human error and empower recruiters, employers and employees. Win win.

Eradicate the pain of expense claims

The process of approving expense claims need not be something to dread each month. Ayers Group uses a mobile app, aligned with cloud based technology to allow managers to review, approve, process and audit expense claims.

The app makes it easy to capture data with a simple photo or transaction tracker, meaning employee expenses are captured momentarily. This reduces the time spent recording and accounting transactions and enables both managers and employees to visibly track the process.

Find the correct solutions for your business needs

At Ayers Group we’re experienced enough to know that what works for one client may not necessarily be the best solution for another, which is why we work to tailor every step of the process for you.

Our back office solutions allow you to concentrate on what makes you money, whilst we take care of the rest. Simple.