A back office solution that’s fit for purpose.

Your contingent workforce is there to support your business growth, not swamp your team with the extra admin. That’s why we’ve purpose-built a back office solution that can be customised with your branding to manage everything you and your professional contractors need, from day one. One easy portal where timesheets, payslips, expense claims, payroll, invoicing, compliance, on-boarding and off-boarding can be uploaded, managed and reviewed. Simple and secure, 24/7.

maximise margin

Achieve more in less time, with greater margin.

Workforce expansion without the flow-on effect? You bet. Your customised back office solution will take care of all your contingent workforce admin with speed and accuracy, providing transparent reporting at the push of a button. No need for more admin staff. Now you can onboard the extra workers when you need them without the hassle.


Clear and simple. All the reports you need.

Our back office outsourcing solution has been purpose-built to manage the ebbs and flows that come with employing a contingent white-collar workforce. Generate streamlined, transparent reports with ease for reporting and to gain a clear picture of your costs, revenue and margin. Now you can maintain compliance and make management decisions on the fly. No regrets.

Want to streamline all your back office needs as well as save time and effort?


A business-focused back office solution, from the top down.

We’ve invested over 20 years of experience into our back office solution so you don’t have to. Your professionally branded dashboard will give you a real-time birds eye view of all the contractor arrangements you have in place, from workflows and timesheets to invoicing and more. Clear and simple.

Take advantage of the systems we’ve put in place to streamline onboarding as new workers join your team, knowing they’ll be compliant and have access to all the admin they need from day one.

Access and approve digital timesheets submitted by your workforce from anywhere, on any device…. And if you forget, don’t worry, you’ll get a reminder.

And, save time and eliminate the risk of manual error thanks to seamless integration with accounting packages – like Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks Online and more.

optional extended payment terms

More support than you thought.

We’re all realists. We know that however you work it, managing a business comes with mishaps, surprises and unexpected costs. That’s why we’ve put in place options like extended payment terms, and a service to help chase timesheets and debt. Don’t wait to ask.

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