Payroll Financing? Don’t Sweat It!

Paying contractors on time, every time can put a strain on cash flow and your administrative team. In challenging economic times, it might even make you think twice about going for growth.

But don’t stress. The Ayers Group has a solution that won’t break the bank.

Backed by our parent company, People 2.0, our one stop solution for recruiters and corporates takes care of all your contractor management needs and contractor payroll financing.

Quick, easy, and free to set up, we offer highly competitive finance, tailored to your business needs with no minimum or maximum credit limit.

And, because your contractor financing will be integrated with your Ayers Group payroll solution, the entire process of paying contractors will be seamless.

So now you can grow your business with the assurance that every contractor you engage will be paid on time, regardless of whether your clients have paid you… and without the need to rely on your own money in the bank.

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