A contractor’s guide to self-promotion in 2017

Being a contractor bears many similarities to running your own small business. Your success is determined by your ability to sell your skills to prospective clients and recruiters (and your ability to manage your personal admin – but that’s another story).

Whether you’re a season pro or the new kid on the block, you can’t take your foot off the gas when seeking your next employment opportunity. To enjoy a thriving 2017, we recommend you follow these simple steps to help market your contractor services:

Start with your CV (or portfolio)

Whilst it may seem an obvious place to start, your CV is your sales brochure and therefore must be an accurate and up-to-date representation of your skills. How is your potential employer or recruiter going to appreciate what you can bring to the table if you don’t show them.

Develop your web presence

In today’s digital age you are doing yourself a dis-justice if you are not online. The internet increases your networking potential and allows you to promote yourself to the right people.

Keeping your online portfolio up to date and your LinkenIn profile active is the least you should be doing. If you want to be deemed as an expert in your field you could create content which demonstrations your expertise. Perhaps begin writing a blog, creating instructional videos or participating in online forums.

Welcome reviews

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful promotion tools for any business. And Linkedin is the perfect platform to receive professional reviews.

People value other people’s opinions, so if you are good at what you do, the positive reviews will write themselves. But don’t be afraid to ask for them either, it’s more than acceptable to invite colleagues and previous employees to provide testimonials.

Become invaluable

Every expert was once a beginner. No matter your years of experience, you need to constantly seek new opportunities to enhance your skills set. Read up on industry trends, take extra training, or learn new techniques. It could be the deciding factor as to whether you are hired for your next role.

If you are genuinely good at what you do, impeccable with your word and become a trusted source to your clients – you will become an invaluable resource. Integrity, honestly and loyalty can’t be taught – but industry specific skills can. Be honest and don’t sell yourself to be something you’re not.

Reach out

Above all, put yourself out there. Register with agencies and communicate regularly with them (it’s their job to help you find your next contract), send emails, make it known you are looking for your next opportunity.

Keep in touch with ex-colleagues, clients and other contractors and most importantly never burn bridges. That annoying ex co-worker from 5 years ago could be hiring you for your next role.