Excellence in Human Resources… How Do You Do It?

In August 2017, AssetLink and Blackmores were awarded the annual Australian Business Award for Human Resource Management.

The annual Australian Business Awards recognise organisations that have developed leading workplaces, which “maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention”.

Quite specifically, the human resources management award recognises organisations that have “achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in human resource management”… which begs the question, how do you define “excellence in human resource management”?

Where does excellence come in?

According to the experts, it comes down to recruitment and training, performance appraisals, motivating employees/ contractors and workplace communication, workplace safety, and more…
All together, that leads to predictable, organised work environments, which are most likely to retain employees.

Great human resource managers come up with plans and strategies for hiring the best people to fit the job and the culture of the organisation. They manage the recruitment process, ensure compliance issues are met and arrange training to fill any gaps. They provide regular feedback via performance appraisals that assist with professional development and motivate individuals to perform at their best.

Great HR managers take a proactive role in managing staff and resolving disputes. They organise events to build staff loyalty and they ensure the workplace is clean, safe and most importantly, happy.

That sounds great but…

Of course having your own human resource management team is ideal, but for many small to medium sized organisations, it’s just not realistic… For these smaller organisations, the job of managing staff and contractors usually falls on the shoulders of management or business owners. The end result is workplace overload, potentially poor recruitment choices and the risk of non-compliance with legislation governing the engagement of staff and contractors.

Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, Ayers Group has human resource experts who can take the time-consuming stress of managing your staff off your shoulders. Our human resources services cover everything except recruitment, and include dealing with policies, contracts, compliance, staff training, on boarding and off boarding.

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