Find the Power in Your Logo

Have you ever considered the power behind your logo and its capacity to build your business…

Your logo is much more than a clever piece of type or an attractive visual. When well thought out and designed, it is the visual representation of your brand. It communicates and reinforces your business’ core values and principles and it provides a vital connection between your business and your customers.

Think about the power of logos used by Nike and Apple to convey the essence of their businesses… Nike Inc.’s swoosh logo visually communicates activity, flow and energy. Apple’s bitten apple tells us immediately that this company is unique – it thinks outside the square.

Both are aesthetically pleasing and a little bit of fun, which also positively customer relationships.

Regardless of the size of your company today – whether you’re one person or many – it’s a great idea to spend time developing a logo that effectively communicates your point of difference and maximises recognition.

While it won’t become instantly recognised, over time, and with an investment in marketing, it can help you build customer loyalty and, as a consequence, deliver a return on investment.

I Don’t Have a Big Budget for Logo Development

It’s easy to assume that a great logo will cost you tens of thousands – or even millions – to develop. That’s not necessarily so.

While some of the most iconic logos have cost upward of $1million (Pepsi, the BBC, BHP Billiton and Telstra for example), others were created in-house for next to nothing (Microsoft, Google, CocaCola and Twitter). Interestingly, CocaCola was created by the company’s co-founder and bookkeeper, Frank M Robinson, while Google’s logo was created by its founder Sergey Brin. Nike’s logo cost $35 and Twitters logo cost $15 from iStockphoto!1,2

Top Tips for a Powerful Logo

If you’re working on a logo, here are some important considerations before you begin:

  1. Who is your target market and what will connect with them?
  2. What is the tone of your business eg. is it edgy / fun / conservative / professional / hipster etc
  3. What are the attributes / values that need to be conveyed


  1. A symbol can be better than a word on its own – symbols overcome language barriers, making them easier to interpret
  2. Choose your colours wisely – 84.7% of customers cite colour as the primary reason they buy a particular brand. Find out more about colours here
  3. Shapes are important too – Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message (suggesting community, friendship, love, relationships etc); straight edged shapes such as squares and triangles suggest stability, professionalism, power and even balance; vertical lines tend to be associated with masculinity, strength and aggression, while horizontal lines suggest community, tranquillity and calm. Find out more about shapes here
  4. Avoid cliché  symbols – aim for something that’s unique and will be recognisable as yours
  5. Use a custom typeface
  6. Use proportion and symmetry to create a well-balanced logo with consistent curves and arcs
  7. Use negative space to make a simple graphic subtly complex
  8. Keep your logo simple but powerful.

Time for a Change?

Don’t be afraid to change your logo, although be sure to do it gradually and carefully to ensure you don’t lose recognition in the market.

Consider changing your logo if:

  1. It’s technically overcomplicated and lacks simplicity
  2. It has negative associations
  3. It’s outdated
  4. It has lost relevance due to company expansion or a changed direction

Ayers Group Can Help

While we don’t have graphic designers on hand to help you develop your new logo, we do have plenty of other experts ready and waiting to free you up so you can concentrate on building your business. From managing your administrative and compliance obligations to PAYG, taxation, financial planning and novated leasing… we’re here to ease the way. Contact us now to find t more.