Is your business ready to disrupt the market?

At a time when competition is intensifying, new plAyers Group are constantly entering the market with niche ideas, and customers have access to product and service information at their fingertips, innovation is key to your success.

If you think about it, your next disruptive innovation could come from anyone, anywhere, anytime… you just need to create the opportunity and be prepared to greet new concepts with an open and creative mind.

As a leader, you also need to involve your entire organisation – from the people who connect with your customers, to the engineers in product development and the people who manage the finances.

Why? Because a great customer focussed product or service may be entirely possible for your development team to develop, but financially unviable…

Or a great product or service that’s affordable to produce may not appeal to your target audience….

Or a great looking product that can be sold at a huge profit may fall apart within a short space of time, costing you money in warranties and lost customers.

By encouraging collaborative information sharing and problem solving across departments, you’ll be able to circumvent potential issues along the way, ensuring your innovations align to your business strategy, meet your customers’ needs, and have commercial potential.

Looking for fresh ideas?

It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic we are, sometimes we just get too close to the business we’re in and so we can’t “see the wood for the trees”.

If you’re looking a fresh injection of ideas, it could be time to engage a contractor. Contractors with specialist skills or specific experience will bring a new level of enthusiasm and energy into your company without the need for extra training.

Consider contractors whose skills can be transferable to your industry, or a contractor whose had international experience. Whether they’re with you for the short or long term, they’re bound to find new potential for business innovation and stimulate your existing team to think differently too.

Ayers Group are the experts when it comes to securing international and local contractors quickly, easily and legally.

With an Australian Government issued On Hire Labour Hire Agreement, we understand the requirements for attaining skills visas and sponsorship visas for foreign workers and can expedite the process on your behalf. Additionally, our contract experts can assist with preparing contracts, payroll management, financial arrangements and back office administration. Contact us today to find out how can help you transform your business.