When The Going Gets Tough, Tackle It Head On

There’s plenty of talk around resilience – it’s become a buzzword, a character trait that’s taught in primary schools in the hope that future generations will be able to bounce back more easily from adversities that challenge them in life.

And there are bound to be loads of them. Adversity is all around us, particularly as contractors. We get knock backs for jobs we thought would be a shoe in. We try our hardest to achieve the best results for the client only to be told that it’s not quite good enough to meet expectations. Or in our rush to get a job done, we overlook a major consideration, or miss a deadline for another project.

At some stage, no matter how hard we try, it happens to us all. And when it does happen, we tend to very quickly forget all the successes we’ve had, and all the employers we’ve made happy along the way.

Learning to be resilient is critical to your ongoing success as a contractor. It wil enable you to bounce back from set backs like these, or even defeats – and live to contract again. Your resilience will also differentiate you from your competition.

How to handle a set back

The best way to handle a set back, knock back or defeat is not to surrender, to blame someone or an event, or to get angry.

Instead, accept the problem, take time to reflect on how it came about, and learn from it – understand how you can minimise the risk of it happening again… 

With this in mind, develop a plan, that includes proven strategies to help you achieve the desired end point, then follow the plan, while at all times being mindful of the need for flexibility.

And surround yourself with supportive friends and mentors who can listen to you as you download, offer advice if you need it and around for you as you move forward.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll never make the same mistake again – life and learning is all about ups and downs. But as long as you keep progressing, things will slowly, improve.

Remember– we all make mistakes – and they are amazing opportunities to learn!

For more great advice on how you can develop resilience, read this article in Psychology Today.

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