Desperate To Move to Australia? Consider Going Regional

It’s not easy getting a working visa for Australia however, it’s not impossible either!

In fact, one of the easiest ways to get here right now is to apply to live and work in one of our regional centres. 

In 2018-19, the Australian Government granted 8,987 places under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – up 44% on 2017-18.

Compare this to the regular Permanent Migration Program – the government granted 160,323 places in the same period, which was the lowest number in a decade.

Why is it easier to go regional? Quite simply, because the government is working to build these smaller communities up… and of course, there is a need for workers.

The great news is, this is not a short term plan. According to our Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs David Coleman, the Government will continue to increase its focus on regional migration. 

“Our population plan will ease the pressure on the big capitals while supporting the growth of those smaller cities and regions that want more people,” he said.

“This year, we’ve reduced the cap for the Migration Program from 190,000 to 160,000. We’re also dedicating 23,000 places for regional skilled migrants and have announced two new regional visas to help fill some of the tens of thousands of job vacancies in regional Australia. We’re directing migration to those smaller cities and regional areas that are crying out for more people and those regional economies that simply cannot fill jobs with local workers.” 

The migration program also continues to focus on growing the Australian economy and filling skills gaps, with 109,713 visas granted under the Skill stream of the 2018-19 program – about 70% of the program. 

Another great way to get a visa to work and live in Australia is to have the skills we need.

“Skilled migrants have high employment participation rates, low unemployment rates and good annual earnings,” Mr Coleman said. “We’ll continue to back those migrants who bring critical skills into the country – those who work hard, pay taxes and contribute to funding essential services for Australians.”

Why move to regional Australia?

Moving outside of Australia’s major cities assures you of greater housing affordability and, depending on your skills, good job prospects too – essentially, regional and rural areas need more workers.

But regional Australia also provides a stronger sense of community and a slower pace of life than the big cities. With smaller schools and access to the great outdoors, your kids can grow up with greater freedom and space, while quieter roads mean you’ll enjoy getting around easily without the traffic jams that hamper the cities.

Concerned about settling in or finding your way if English is not your primary language? Many regional areas in Australia now have migrant centres that can provide assistance.

If you’re considering a visa to work in regional Australia, take the time to get to know the regions that will offer the greatest job prospects and the lifestyle you want to enjoy. If you can, pay a visit and tap into the local community centre to get a feel for the people… and when you’re ready, contact the Ayers Group.

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