Have Your Say on the Visa Occupations List

The occupation list for skilled visas is to be reviewed and submissions are invited from stakeholders with an emphasis from those in regional areas of Australia. If you have specific needs for your business and you can’t find the talent you need in Australia, this is your chance to have your say!

This is the third consultation process undertaken by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (DESSFB) since October 2017. The largest change to the occupation lists subsequent to these reviews occurred in March this year when 36 occupations were “upgraded” to the general skilled migration occupation list.

David Coleman, Australia’s Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs has confirmed the Government’s commitment to regional migration. 

“This year, we’ve reduced the cap for the Migration Program from 190,000 to 160,000,” said David Coleman. “We’re also dedicating 23,000 places for regional skilled migrants and have announced two new regional visas to help fill some of the tens of thousands of job vacancies in regional Australia. We’re directing migration to those smaller cities and regional areas that are crying out for more people and those regional economies that simply cannot fill jobs with local workers.” 

The migration program also continues to focus on growing the Australian economy and filling skills gaps, with 109,713 visas granted under the Skill stream of the 2018-19 program – about 70% of the program. 

“Skilled migrants have high employment participation rates, low unemployment rates and good annual earnings,” Mr Coleman said. “We’ll continue to back those migrants who bring critical skills into the country – those who work hard, pay taxes and contribute to funding essential services for Australians.”

If you’re interested in meeting the Department to discuss the review, email skilledmigrationlist@employment.gov.au.

Occupations flagged for change will be published this December with the review ending in March 2020. Changes can be expected in the weeks that follow.

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