Four Simple Steps to Earn More as a Contractor!

Trying to earn more can seem like an uphill battle but you don’t have to just work more hours to get paid more, as the saying goes ‘work smarter not harder’, for example, you can earn $250 from a simple 60-second referral! These are our top 4 simple steps you can take to improve your earnings:

  1. Tax eats a chunk of your earnings every payslip. However, there are a few legal ways to not pay as much tax. Salary sacrifice some of your earnings each pay to build up your superannuation contribution. This has two benefits, you pay less tax and build a bigger nest egg for the future.
  2. If you are keen for some new wheels, then think about a ‘novated car lease’, both the interest you pay and the running expenses of the car can be a tax deduction. Pay less tax and cruise into summer with a new car.
  3. Why not improve your cash flow and out of pocket expenses? Did you know you can claim business expenses that relate to your contract within each pay cycle as opposed to waiting and claiming them all at the end of the tax year? Get the cash in your pocket, not the governments!
  4. Refer a friend….for every NEW contractor you refer to Ayers, we’ll say thanks with a $250 EFTPOS card for you and one for the contractor you refer as well.* Refer 4 contractors to us and that’s $1,000 each… Easy money!

If you want more information on the above then just give us a call. But if you want to earn $250 right now…

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*To be eligible to receive the $250 EFTPOS card/referral, referred contractors must be new to Ayers and will need to use Ayers services and earn a minimum AU$350 per day for a minimum of three months