Looking to get a loan?

Since the Banking Royal Commission, banks in Australia have been increasingly discerning about who they’ll lend to and how much they’ll lend.

This level of discernment has been further compounded by the introduction of comprehensive credit reporting in September 2018 which means major banks and various credit providers are able to add information to, and access, your personal credit report when assessing a loan application.

The type of information recorded on your credit report includes:

  • the type of credit products you have held in the last two years,
  • your usual repayment amount, and
  • how often you make your repayments and if you make them by the due date.

One way you can make yourself appealing to prospective lenders is to ensure your accounts and any existing loans you have are paid on time, every time.

Importantly, you also need to maintain stable employment. As a contractor working with multiple clients, you may think this is impossible, but it is not.

The Ayers Group is your employer, we’ll manage your contracts as well as all your invoicing, payroll, superannuation, tax and more. In doing so, we’ll help ensure you are compliant with government legislation and leave you free to build your business.

Finally, with an extensive network of experts at our fingertips we can connect you with accounting, novated leasing and finance specialists who can provide advice on the best loan arrangement to suit your needs.

Contact an expert at the Ayers Group today to find out more about our contactor management services.