Upskill On The Skills You Need To Remain Relevant

Are you scared that the workplace skills you have are about to become redundant? You’re not alone. At school, kids are constantly told that we have no idea of the jobs that will await them or the hard skills they will need… and as adults, we still don’t know… research shows around two-thirds of us believe that the skills we have today will no longer be current in five years’ time.  

So how, under these circumstances, can you possibly upskill in the areas necessary to make you an attractive contractor?

While there are, no doubt, very specific courses you can take to further your hard skills in your chosen area of expertise, there are other more general skills you can develop – either informally or via formal courses – that will make you a great contractor across a variety of industries.

Consider your soft skills. Great soft skills will hold you in good stead for engagement, particularly in an era when tertiary educators are increasingly focussing on teaching vocational (ie hard) skills.

Here are the skills you need to hone:

  • Communication (writing, speaking, active listening, and collaboration),
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving (creative and critical thinking, decision-making),
  • Data analysis (mathematical reasoning, quantitative analysis, and quantitative communication skills),
  • Productivity (getting things done on time),
  • Creativity (learning, asking questions and exploring new possibilities),
  • Agility (being open-minded to others),
  • Digital proficiency,
  • Confidence and social awareness, and
  • Being goal-oriented.

Pay as much attention to your soft skills as you do your hard skills and you’ll find you’re able to impress prospective employers and the contracts will pour in.

Need More Time for Professional Development?

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