Grow Your Skills, Increase Your Chances

Opportunities are on the rise in Australia for contractors with the skills to fill shortages employers are looking for.

According to the Hays Global Skills Index, demand for highly skilled professionals is outstripping that of low-skill workers. The roles that employers are currently finding it difficult to fill are:

  • Business analysts,
  • Systems engineers,
  • Project managers with major infrastructure experience,
  • Risk and compliance managers, and
  • Marketing and content managers.

However, despite these shortages, in Australia and around the world, wage growth remains frustratingly subdued. This is encouraging employees and contractors to move between jobs in the hope that the next move will reward with increased remuneration.

If you don’t have the specific skills you need to land your ideal next contract, it could be time to upskill by undertaking some professional development, through a university, TAFE, or private college.  

But before you do, take time to identify and articulate the transferable skills you have amassed during your working life – employers are also increasingly looking for people who have the right balance of technical and general skills. 
Transferable skills can include creativity, i.e. imagination and originality – which has been identified as a skill that will become critical to the growth of jobs between now and 2030. Presentation skills, teamwork, customer service, critical thinking and information gathering are other transferrable skills that are in demand.
Before you apply for your next contract, take time to identify and write down those transferable skills that you have amassed which will be applicable to the contracts you most want to win. This will ensure you’re ready to provide tangible examples of how you’ve used each skill to achieve targets. 
Your transferable skills are part of your professional brand and they’re a strong selling point – use them and succeed!

Here to Help

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