No Labour Hire Licence? Don’t Let That Stop You

Changes to labour-hire rules in Victoria mean if you’re currently supplying or recruiting contractors to work in Victoria with a company other than your own, and you’re arranging their accommodation, you need to have a labour-hire licence. This is the case regardless of the number of contractors you recruit or whether you’re paying the contractors’ wages.

This significant change to labour-hire legislation has resulted in a backlog of thousands of licence applications, which is understandably causing confusion and frustration.

As a recruitment agency, it’s essential to be aware that:

To operate legally in Victoria from 30 October 2019, you must be licensed, or you must have applied for a licence before 30 October 2019 which has not been refused.

If you applied for a licence before 31 December 2019, and you’re still waiting, the Labour Hire Authority will not penalise you as long as you have been compliant with your legal obligations. 

Until your licence comes through, your best option is to engage the services of a contractor management company. At Ayers, we have over 20 years’ experience managing contractors on behalf of recruiters and consultants, and we can provide this service to you. 

As one of a few companies to be approved by the Australian Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) to have an on-hire labour licence, we can also help you by arranging 482 visas so you can attract the talent your clients need. 

Our tailored services are designed to help your contractors by helping manage their timesheets, tax obligations, and expenses, and creating invoices. We also have a customised software solution to help them manage new projects and claim expenses, online 24/7.

And, because our payroll solution seamlessly integrates into your business, we can save you time and risks associated with manual data entry as well.

Haven’t applied for a licence?

If you haven’t applied for a labour-hire licence and you intend to recruit contractors for other companies, you need to apply now. You can do this through the Labour Hire Authority’s LHLO portal.

To make your application, you’ll need to provide your personal details and comprehensive information about the industry you’ll be servicing and the number of contractors you intend to recruit. 

The Labour Hire Authority will conduct a ‘fit and proper person’ assessment of you and any other person you include in your application.

Don’t hold your business up

Right now, you can grow your recruitment agency, even if you don’t have a labour-hire licence. Contact the experts at the Ayers Group today to find out more about our recruitment services.