Working From Home: How to Maintain Your Sanity

So, COVID-19 has hit and you’ve found yourself working from home… perhaps juggling your full-time job while supervising the kids as they adjust to their new online learning environment. Caught up in the thrust of everyday modern life, you never would have seen this coming – so there’s no way you could ever have been prepared.

What to do?

While every person’s circumstances are different, according to their work and family, there are a few things that we can all put in place to help maintain our sanity and keep both the family and business running as smoothly as possible.

1. Keep fit

As tough as it sounds, set aside a time every day when you can take 30 minutes to do some exercise, preferably outdoors so you can soak up some sunlight and fresh air at the same time. A healthy body means a healthier mind!

2. Eat well

Make sure every meal is balanced, nutritious and enjoyable – you’re going to need all the energy you can get to build your immune system and cope with the mental stresses of life over the coming months. Junk food and alcohol will bring down your mental state, it’s a downhill battle from there.

3. Be disciplined

Try to set yourself a routine for work – this may involve getting underway before the kids start their day of schooling or setting aside a few hours of quiet time at night. Whatever it takes, be disciplined about this so you don’t slip behind in your work and become overwhelmed

4. Make space

Get dressed for work in the morning, and sit down at a dedicated desk, at a regular time. Working in your PJ’s is not a good idea, because your mind will not be focused on your job/career. Discipline is the key to working successfully form home! Before you finish up for the evening, prepare a to-do list for the morning so you can be up and firing from the moment you begin your next workday.

5. Access financial aid

Talk to your accountant about the numerous financial offerings the Government has put in place to support businesses through COVID-19. From JobKeeper and JobSeeker arrangements through to commercial rent assistance, mortgage holidays and expanded instant write-offs for business purchases, there are many opportunities to save and grow.

6. Be kind to yourself

Right now, it’s OK to set the kids in front of a screen for more time than usual if that provides you with the space you need to meet a deadline. Similarly, it’s probably ok to ask a client/your boss for extra time if you need it, and it’s more than OK to seek counselling or psychological help if you find yourself in need of support. Counselling and psychology services are now available via telehealth and supported by Medicare so they won’t cost you the earth or require you to leave home!

The Ayers Group Can Help You Through

At the Ayers Group, we can help you manage the challenges that COVID-19 has thrown your way.  Our professional services range from managing administrative and financial arrangements for contractors through to providing tailored back-office payroll and migration solutions.

Right now, we’re all in this together. So call on an expert from the Ayers Group today to find out more about how we can free up your time and energy for growth and success.