Free to Hire: Victorian Labour Hire Authority Relaxes its Requirements

The Labour Hire Authority in Victoria has temporarily relaxed its labour-hire licence requirements to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, action will not be taken against:

  • Labour hire service providers that provide services without a licence, and
  • Hosts that enter agreements with a labour hire service provider who does not currently have a licence.

However, a complete labour hire licence application must be submitted to the Authority before midnight 30 June 2020. Additionally, in line with the authority’s key objective to protect workers from exploitation, there must be no evidence of non-compliance.

Labour hire providers and hosts are still responsible for complying with state and federal workplace laws such as OH&S, workers comp, superannuation and any accommodation and transportation standards.

The aim of this relaxation is to support both providers, hosts and workers managing fluctuation in demands for employment due to the current pandemic. While some businesses have less requirement for labour, others, such as those in healthcare, commercial cleaning, transportation and warehousing, horticulture as well as meat and poultry processing, are facing unprecedented demand for workers.

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