Ready for a New Career? Take the Opportunities COVID-19 Presents

Are you, like many people around the world, currently considering changing your career?

According to some reports, around 35% of Australian adults – around half of which are millennials – will start looking for a new job post COVID-19. A massive three million or more want a complete career change.

According to an ING Future Focus report, the industries in which many of these job opportunities will be found are:

1. BioTech, pharmaceutical & life sciences

2. Cyber security

3. Healthcare

4. Robotics

5. Agriculture

6. Renewable energy

7. Sustainability and wellness

8. Grocery delivery

9. Education technology

10. Digital entertainment

However according to ING, 23% of Australian adults, and a third of millennials, don’t feel confident that their skill sets are applicable for the jobs of their dreams.

Start Preparing Now

Key to being a great job candidate for the future is having flexibility, agile thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

But you’ll also need some specific skills. In preparation for your new career, it’s time to start thinking about how and where you can gather the skills you’re going to need. TAFE courses, university degrees, online learning the options are endless… and once you start learning new skills, don’t stop… continual learning is key to surviving and thriving in the future.

Get Your Application Ready

Once you’re ready to go for a new job, you’ll need to prepare a resume to show off your experience and promote your new-found skills. According to the experts, when applying for new roles, your application should include a brief and powerful covering letter, a crucial summary of your qualifications for the job, and your complete resume. Focus on your successes – don’t just tell what you’ve done, describe how well you did it and what was achieved as a result of your contribution. Research the company and opportunity well in advance, so you can tailor your application to ensure it demonstrates your relevance. Then prepare well ahead for the interview.

Need help?

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