Time to Look on the Bright Side…

COVID-19 hasn’t been all bad. Take for example the environment. Around Australia and the world, reduced manufacturing and commercial activity, fewer cars on the road and a massive drop in airplane activity have delivered cleaner air and lower carbon emissions.

Divers, fishers and tourism boats are reporting cleaner waterways and a return to fish-life in the ocean due to the lack of activity in the harbours. People living in the suburbs are enjoying fresher air and more intense bird call. Those who live near airports are enjoying the opportunity to sleep in, or go to bed early, without the whistle and roar of planes overhead.

As we move forward and pandemic restrictions are lifted, it’s a great time to consider how we can continue to protect the natural environment –for the good of the planet, public health and for quality of life.

This is something we really need to get serious about because, according to analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), even though emissions are down due to international lockdowns, we haven’t made enough of a dent yet.

In fact, the world is on track to reduce emissions by just 6-8% this year, which will not have a measurable effect on our carbon concentration or our warming potential.

We need to do more.

How to Thrive in a New World

The past few months have demonstrated that many businesses can survive and even thrive with staff members working from home – in whichever town, state or country they’re based.

We’ve realised that it’s possible to engage in business transactions, networking and professional learning via Zoom and Slack instead of driving or flying inter-state and flying internationally.

And we’re beginning to realise the need to bring manufacturing back on-shore, in an effort to reduce our reliance on international markets and in turn, lower our carbon footprint.

Now’s the Time

According to the website FlightRadar 24, the number of flights worldwide dropped from around 200,000 on 21 February to 64,000 on 31 March. The International Air Transport Association says demand for air travel will not recover until 2023 at the earliest.

That gives us time…  time to open our minds to new products and services to meet the needs of emerging industries, and to access expertise from around Australia and the world who can bring fresh ideas and knowledge to your business.

As an employer, you are in a perfect position to contribute to the health of our environmental future by considering the focus of your business and the structure of your workplace with fresh eyes and greater flexibility. How will you pivot?

At the Ayers Group, our experts are on hand to relieve you of the day to day administrative burden that comes with running your business. By accessing our services, that include tailored payroll management and contractor management, and by tapping into our network of professional experts, we can free you up to focus on innovation and business development.

The Ayers Group is also one of few companies approved by the Australian Department of Immigration to hire and on hire international workers – which means we can also help you secure expertise to develop your business that is not available locally.

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