Keeping your staff motivated can be difficult at the best of times, but faced with an uncertain economy, and with many employees forced to work remotely, the challenges are amplified. 

Here are seven simple strategies

These strategies will help you keep your staff engaged as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the Australian workforce.

1) The fastest way to instil fear during times of uncertainty is to avoid communication. Communicate regularly and with clarity to reinforce necessary changes, and explain next steps. Even if you don’t have any new information to share, be upfront and remain present and contactable. 

2) Check in to see how your staff are coping mentally , how engaged they’re feeling and what needs to be done to further boost engagement. Regular engagement surveys are an effective way to do this – they will provide you with valuable information, allow your employees to voice any concerns they have and demonstrate your interest in their well-being.

3) Take advantage of any down time by encouraging your staff to undertake professional development. There are plenty of online webinars being offered by industry – both at a cost and free. Proactively supporting your staff’s professional development will demonstrate your commitment to them and help them acquire new skills that will benefit business in the long term.

4) Keep in mind the psychological and financial pressures that uncertain times place on individuals ‘(as well as the business). Options for staff to attend wellness webinars or coaching on stress management, coping strategies, managing uncertainty etc will strengthen morale and demonstrate your concern for their wellbeing.

5) Maintain regular contact: Lockdowns are still a reality in some parts of the country so whether by Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, House Party or any other platform, keeping in touch with your staff is vital. Regular work-in-progress meetings are the obvious way to ensure everyone is focussing on the job at hand, but how about throwing in the odd morning tea or virtual cocktail party to maintain camaraderie.

6) Offer your employees flexibility to navigate the challenges that come with working from home. They may need to alter their hours to manage children after school and on school holidays; they may not have a dedicated home office that enables them to get away from partners, external noises, pets etc. Maintain an open mind and work with them to achieve best outcomes for all parties.

7) Don’t under-estimate the power of ‘thanks’. When people are working remotely, they can feel isolated and unnoticed. Sending a note of thanks for work completed, or making a personal call to reinforce the difference a staff member has made through their action or attention to detail can be as powerful as remuneration.

Once we adapt to the new normal of living with COVID-19, most businesses will rebound, and pent up demand may even stimulate heightened activity. Businesses that look after their staff, help them manage through the pandemic, and take the time to develop their skills will be best placed with loyal, equipped employees ready to embrace the opportunities the world presents.

Assistance for Your Business

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