Get Yourself Taken Seriously in the Workplace

Too aggressive… too confident… a total walkover… people judge others quickly and it can be challenging to get them to take you seriously if they’ve decided otherwise. But it’s never too late to establish your credibility.

Here are ten tips to get yourself known for all the right reasons:

1. Respect others

Whether you’re working with people in the lowest-ranking positions or those in the highest, treat them with respect – before you say or do anything, put yourself in their shoes and consider how they’d feel.

2. Present appropriately

Consider the environment you’re working in (or want to work in) and dress appropriately. Look to accessories and splashes of colour to communicate your style – it is possible to express your creativity while wearing a suit!

3. Be confident

Stop apologising and questioning your decisions – instead, prepare, speak and act with authority. But that said, recognise your limitations, assess areas in which you need to improve, lean in when you need to, and be honest with yourself and others. 

4. Communicate clearly

Be open to hearing other people’s perspectives before making your own case, and use stories to demonstrate the evidence behind your argument. 

5. Manage your time

Be the person who is always prepared and on time. Make lists, use an App, do what you need to be ready for every meeting and every occasion.

6. Maintain boundaries

Maintain professional relationships by engaging with colleagues and clients openly but without getting too personal. Relationships that become too close or, conversely, toxic will reduce productivity and put your reputation at risk.

7. Take risks

Determine your strategic goals and work hard to achieve them – be curious, take appropriate risks and think outside the square. Don’t be afraid to learn from others or your mistakes.

8. Surround yourself with success

Be proactive about surrounding yourself with success and creating a healthy, productive team culture. Promote check-ins, acknowledge accomplishments, gather feedback, encourage professional development and make your team feel safe to learn and grow from successes, mistakes and challenges.

9. Stay on target

Always be responsive and reliable – return phone calls and emails, follow up on meetings, team agreements, and do what you’ve agreed you’re going to do… but that said, ensure the promises and arrangements you make are realistic in the first place.

10. Say “thanks”

Don’t be shy about expressing your appreciation for the people who help you, the work you do, or the world you’re in. Take the time to reflect on life, list the positives and try to resist negative thoughts.  

The Ayers Group Can Help

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