Have a Merry COVID Safe Christmas

COVID-19 has upset many plans for businesses this year, causing organisations to run their operations remotely. While there are plenty of people who have loved working from home, you’d have to agree that over the months, we’ve lost that magical feeling of being part of a ‘team’ that’s working towards a united goal.

So, what better way to reconnect than to have a party…

Of course, there are several problems with this, depending on the State you’re living and working in, and starting with restrictions on the number of people who can gather safely together indoors.

So perhaps it’s time to think outside the box. Here are a few ideas:

Take your party outdoors to a park or public garden where there’s a much lower risk of inhaling aerosols that may be contaminated from someone else’s breath.

Before you do, check with the organisation that manages the site to see whether you need to book and whether there are any rules applied to gatherings (opening and closing times, parking, use of facilities, consuming alcohol etc.).

Mix and match your employees by arranging a series of smaller functions with, for instance, two different teams that may not typically work together, thus providing an opportunity to network and meet new people. 

Host, a virtual cocktail party with every employee, sent a party box filled with snacks/ beverages to enjoy at the event. To break the ice, you could engage a company to provide a virtual cocktail making lesson.

Make it a hybrid event with some people attending the party in person and others attending virtually, from smaller venues or their homes.

Make a corporate donation to a charity, in lieu of the money that would have been spent on the party. Get your staff engaged by asking them to nominate their favourite charity then choose one or more of the most popular to donate to.

Offer a day’s holiday in lieu of the party (paid of course) to acknowledge the effort of your staff during what has been an extra challenging year.

If you are going to have a party, ensure you check the rules and regulations as set out by your State’s health department, top up the sanitising stations, ensuring they are readily accessible, and consider asking people to bring their own plates and cutlery, as well as their own food and drink.

Keep a record of everyone attending, including their name, phone number, the date and time they attended the venue (on paper or electronically), just in case contract tracing is required.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas

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