What’s with Co-Working?

Have you noticed the co-working offices springing up around town?

Australia is seeing continual growth in co-working spaces in metro and regional areas as workers and companies alike embrace more flexible office solutions that provide services on demand.

For contractors, co-working spaces can be inspiring places to work, away from the distractions from home, buzzing with activity and without the high rental and ongoing costs associated with regular office leases. But that’s just the beginning – here are more reasons to consider a co-working space if your end client expects you to work off-site.

  • Co-working spaces provide private offices and hot desking as required – you establish the number of hours you’ll need to be there, then make them up as you like,
  • You can book meeting rooms as and when you need them, to host clients, suppliers and collaborators in quiet, well-equipped surrounds that are conducive to discussion,
  • Co-working spaces provide reception services as well as administrative facilities such as high quality printers, mail delivery and secure, fast Wi-Fi so you can maximise efficiency and professionalism,
  • With IT support on hand in many co-working spaces, you have the technical support of a big organisation yet the freedom of working as you please,
  • As opposed to working over a crowded desk or the kitchen table at home, desks and chairs provided in co-working offices are ergonomically designed to optimise your welfare – and carefully spaced to minimise the risk of disease transmission in the new era of COVID-19,
  • Co-working spaces provide opportunities to meet other contractors and businesses that may inspire ideas or even present opportunities for new contracts and growth,
  • The administrators of co-working spaces often arrange social events providing you with valuable networking opportunities, and
  • Many co-working spaces offer a fully equipped kitchen, a bar and even a health centre.

There’s no doubt that when you’re surrounded by proactive professionals – whether or not they’re working in your own industry – you’re more likely to be inspired to work hard. However, before you jump into the first co-working space you see, take a look around and compare a few vitals to ensure the space you’re about to start work in suits the work you do and your work style.

Architectural style, WIFI speed and IT security; access to meeting rooms; ambient noise levels, room temperature, geographic location and proximity to other services will all make a difference to your success.

The Ayers Group is Here to Help

Working as a contractor comes with a host of responsibilities. At the Ayers Group we can help you by managing many of your administrative duties – like managing your contracts and your payroll for starters – and connecting you with expert financial advice.  Talk to an expert from the Ayers Group today, we can help you make smart decisions to help you maintain your contracts professionally and grow your wealth.