Contractor Qualities: Here’s What You Need

Looking to find a great new contractor to move your business ahead in 2021?

Well, “apples aint apples” as they say.

There are plenty of people looking for contract work right now – some because they’ve decided on a new path in life and others because they’re trying to rebuild their savings post-COVID-19.

That, to some degree puts you in the driving seat when it comes to securing the best.

Here’s what to look for:

Great communication skills – you want someone who can slip straight into the role and communicate comfortably and clearly with the people in your organisation – especially if you’re working to a tight deadline. Gauge these skills from day one by the way the person addresses you in writing and in person, their body language (should be open, relaxed yet professional) and the way they articulate themselves (look for someone who thinks before they speak, is clear, concise and respectful)

Quick on the uptake – a great contractor won’t just sit there and nod in agreement. They’ll assimilate what you’re talking about, ask questions and provide constructive thoughts.

Flexibility – When you’re bringing a new person into your business, whether for short or long term, look for someone who can be flexible to adapt to your changing business. In the current environment, they need to think on their feet and be prepared for change. 

Reliable – If they return phone calls / emails and turn up promptly, there’s a fair chance they’re reliable. But don’t assume. Where possible check out their background by contacting more than one previous employer.

A contributor – the person you hire may not have worked in your specific business or industry but ensure the skills they bring to your business from other workplace experiences can be of use to you. You want them to get up to speed with the project you’re offering quickly and add value by contributing their expertise.

Skills specialist – if you’re looking for a specific skill set, don’t settle for less. Even if you can’t find the person you need locally, you may be able to source them from overseas.

Looking for contractor? The Ayers Group Can Help

The Ayers Group is one of few companies that is approved by the Australian Department of Immigration to hire and on-hire international workers. Our experts can help you by advising on and arranging, temporary and permanent visas for international workers who have the approved skills you need. 

We can even take your contractors on as tax employees of the Ayers Group, freeing you of the risks associated with visa sponsorship, and enabling your mobile talent to take on multiple contracts that provide the diverse experience they’re looking for. Talk to an expert from the Ayers Group today.