Cyber Threats: What your staff need to know

Cyber-attacks are happening every day – hackers are working around the clock from inside Australia and around the world, to break into networks and access data.

Did you know your staff are most likely the weakest point when it comes to protecting your data?

Chances are the majority of your staff have weak passwords to access your company’s apps and server, and they rarely change them… in fact, the passwords they use are probably the same ones they use for their personal banking or online shopping accounts and they don’t realise the dangers.

Neither do they realise the security risk that comes with responding to, or clicking on a link sent in a random email.

Yet a hacker who can get hold of a staff member’s email address and password has the potential to laterally move throughout your network, accessing client information, your business’s intellectual property, financial and legal documentation, databases and more.

Training your staff on the importance of maintaining the highest level of security is essential, especially now that many staff members are working remotely. Consider bringing in an external IT security consultant to offer in-class or online courses, then follow up with regular tests – like email phishing – to ensure the lessons they learn are put into action.  

An investment in your internal security systems is an investment in the future success of your business.

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