Looking to Upskill on Digital? Now’s the Time!

Are you one of 75% of Australians who want to learn about emerging technologies, like blockchain, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity?1

Yet your interest in learning is stymied by the amount of time it will take to complete a course… or the money it will cost… perhaps you don’t even know where to start.

The truth of the matter is that Australia is looking down the barrel of a skills shortage. Technology is moving so fast that people don’t have the skills they need to undertake their work today, let alone the skills that are going to be in demand in the near future.

That makes now the perfect time to step out of your own way and upskill.

During COVID-19, the fastest growing jobs included those demanding programming skills, mathematics, technology design and data analysis. Now, according to an RMIT study, 87% of jobs in Australia require digital literacy. Furthermore, by 2025 – less than four years away – we’re going to need 156,000 more digital technology workers because one in four jobs created will be in digital technology.1 Importantly, four in five Australian business leaders think that adopting new technologies is important in order to achieve business goals.

All that makes the opportunity as clear as day – you need to build on your digital literacy skills and you need to do it now!

Digital literacy is “the ability to identify and use technology confidently, creatively and critically to meet the demands and challenges of life, learning and work in a digital society”.2

In essence, you need to be able to:

  • Use technology,
  • Find, use and critically evaluate information,
  • Curate data and media sources,
  • Communicate, collaborate and participate in online environments,
  • Manage your online identity as well as your personal security and privacy, and
  • Create online content (not just consume it).2

There are plenty of courses available that can help you build your digital literacy skills. If you don’t have a great understanding of computers, you could start with a Microsoft series that’s freely available online. Otherwise, check out the courses that are available via private and public training organisations and universities.

Step out of your comfort zone

There’s no time like the present, so why not take the opportunity to upskill. Rest assured you’ll have the support of the Ayers Group to help you juggle your ongoing obligations, like managing your contracts, invoices and ongoing financial obligations – just ask us for help today.


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