Let’s face it, tendering or applying for a new contract is something we can all do without. We need to put time into understanding the business, aligning our expertise with its requirements, then polishing our presentation to ensure it’s a stand-out success.

All this, while we’re probably trying to wrap up an existing contract in the most professional and effective way.

So how can you prepare a winning proposal/ tender then follow up with an interview that’s memorable for all the right reasons?

Keep It Simple

Any tender or application for a contract must be concise and on point. Read the contract criteria carefully, respond to each requirement and demonstrate your expertise with reference to past experience. If you’re asked for a three-page response, make it three pages!

Photographs, testimonials and case studies may be warranted and can add enormous depth.

Dress for Success

Do your research – understand how the people who will be interviewing you present themselves and present yourself accordingly. But don’t be shy about showing your personality – you need to be authentic while keeping in mind the expectations of your audience.

Be Prepared for the Tricky Questions

These days you can expect to be interviewed by a panel and to be asked a few curve balls – like how you’d deal with a particularly difficult situation or personality. Do your utmost to prepare for the interview by understanding the business, its competition and clients. Consider the experience you’ve had and how it can be applied to the business, and reflect on some of the more challenging moments in your professional career that you have successfully navigated. When the questions come, don’t be afraid to take time to think through your response or even ask more questions before replying.

It’s Your Interview Too

As much as the prospective client is checking you out, so too are you ensuring they’re offering the right contract for you – after all, you don’t want to be stuck for six or 12 months slogging it out with a company that’s hard-work when you could be enjoying yourself elsewhere… remember you went contracting for a reason, right?

So do your research and have your questions ready… what’s the culture like, what are the expectations for working in and outside the office, flexibility… KPIs… ongoing opportunities… you want to know it all.

We Can Help You Manage Your Contracts

So, you’ve landed your next contract? Managing it, let alone completing your obligations, is time-consuming and can be stressful. At the Ayers Group, our fit for purpose software will enable you to manage your contacts online. From one user-friendly platform, you can initiate and sign off contracts, manage your costs of doing business, invoices, tax obligations and more. Talk to an expert from the Ayers Group today about how we can ease your administrative burden so you can focus on growing your wealth.