Managing staff is one thing, managing contractors can be quite another. After all, they’re not your employees and they come to you with a whole set of different experiences and expectations.

This calls for positive leadership, strong communication skills and a commitment to delegation. 

Five tips to get the most from your contractors:

  • Clearly set out the requirements you have for your contractor – articulate KPIs, deadlines etc., in writing, so they know what is expected of them,
  • Set aside regular times to meet with them – or for a member of your team to meet with them – so they can acquire the ‘inside knowledge’ they need to fulfil their contractual obligations,
  • Check in regularly to see how they’re going, and raise any questions, dissatisfaction / appreciation of their work to date in a timely fashion, so they are fully cognisant of where they stand and any changes they need to make to their approach to work,
  • Make the most of the expertise and experience your contractors bring to your organisation by carefully listening to what they have to say and observing their processes.
  • Partner your contractor with members of your local team so that they can share in and absorb the knowledge, and
  • Don’t reward mediocrity but do give full credit for excellence.
Don’t Let Management Get You Down

There’s no doubt that leading a team and managing individuals – let alone contractors – can be challenging. But now’s the time to shine. At the Ayers Group, we’re here to help you by providing backend solutions that free you to focus on leading your team and growing your wealth. Our contract management, payroll and administrative solutions can all be tailored to meet your needs. We can even engage contractors on your behalf, freeing you of time-consuming administrative and legal responsibilities. Talk to an expert from the Ayers Group today to find out how we can help you and your business grow.