A quick 17 years

I’ve been at the Ayers Group for 17 years, in today’s employment tenures that’s seen as a lifetime by some, but not for me. I was recently asked why I’m so loyal, it took me a moment and then I realised it was a bit hard to explain in a few words… however, this is the perfect example of a picture that tells a thousand words!

In this case, not one but two! In one, I was hand feeding dolphins at night and in the other, I was sliding down a HUGE sand dune 🙂  Such a thrill!

woman in going in the water

I can honestly liken this feeling to the excitement and satisfaction I get when I meet the expectations of our clients and contractors. Everyone is a new experience and a new challenge. 17+ years after joining Ayers, the feelings remain.

I love that I can have ongoing relationships with people who continue to use our services, and I very much enjoy hearing about their life updates.  I have always loved talking to and meeting new clients, and I get to do that every day as a Client Account Manager with the Ayers Group.

I hope to continue to do so for many more years to come.