Help: I’m Not Ready for the Real World!

Are you reluctant or even feeling anxious about returning to work?


Perhaps your children (or pets) have become used to you being at home; maybe you have health issues that put you at greater risk of any contagious illness (let aloneCOVID);or you can’t stand the thought of the commute (especially on public transport).Perhaps you simply feel happier and more productive at home…

What are you going todo?

As a contractor, it’s highly likely that you have greater flexibility than employees, however that doesn’t free you of the obligations and expectations the company employing your services has of you.

To overcome any anxieties, consider the following:

  • If you need to have a presence in the workplace that contracts your services, negotiate flexible arrangements that enable you to work some days (or hours each day) from home;
  • Determine whether it’s feasible to change your schedule so your commute is outside peak hours;
  • Understand what the company is doing to ensure worker health and safety, and if it’s not enough to meet your needs, propose practical recommendations for further improvements;
  • Find out whether it’s possible to take your pet to work with you (this is not an entirely ridiculous suggestion–some organisations are totally up for having pets in the workplace);
  • Ease your way back into the office by building up your days each week;Initiate social lunches / after-work drinks with small groups of team members that enable you to re-connect and rebuild relationships.

Chances are you won’t be the only person in your workplace who is feeling uncertain about returning to work, so don’t feel alone or unable to talk through your feelings. If anxieties persist or worsen, talk to your employer, or the human resources team. You may even consider consulting your doctor, contacting a counsellor or a Helpline.

Here to Help

The Ayers Group is here to help you manage your obligations so you can take time to slowly ease back into the workplace in a way that suits you.

Contact an expert at the Ayers Group today. Our contract management and payroll solutions can help keep your administration on track while you focus on adjusting to a new work routine.