How Attractive is Your Organisation?

Things have changed.

65% of employees believe organisations should be responsible for leaving their people “net better off” via their work. Furthermore, 83% want the flexibility to be productive anywhere.1

While many employers may think, ‘so what?’ the truth is right now it’s an employees’ market.

Competition for great staff is growing, with the National Skills Commission reporting that despite a subdued economy, “in September 2021, 36% of employers surveyed were recruiting or had recruited in the past month”.2

Additionally, the Commission’s survey found that 23% of employers expected to increase staffing levels – an increase of 5% on the previous month.2

With this in mind, how can you position your organisation to win the talent you most want and need right now?


The Answer is… Change Your Mindset

With 83% of employees seeking out flexible models of employment, it may well be time to change your mindset about the way you hire talent.

Contracting white collar professionals from Australia or oversease, for a pre-determined period, or on a part-time basis, is an effective way to engage the talent you need right now to introduce new skills, drive growth and train existing staff. Additionally, within a volatile economy it delivers the resources you need without having to commit to taking people on for the long-term. If your needs change, you can let your contractors go early, or alternatively, if the arrangement is working, you can keep them on for longer.


We’ll Help You Grow with Contractors

At The Ayers Group, we can help you attract talented white collar professionals by supporting you with customised systems and services to meet your changing needs.

If you’re looking for talent overseas, we can also assist with visa applications. In fact, once you’ve identified the candidate(s) you need, we’ll let you know whether they’re eligible for a 482 visa (the old 457 visa) in five minutes and if they are, we’ll manage the paperwork and pre-arrange a four-year working visa in a flash. We can even sponsor the candidate(s) and hire them on your behalf.

Find out more and check your next candidate’s visa eligibility in just 60 seconds here, using our 482 Visa Eligibility Tool here!