How to Build Your Wealth in a Low Interest Climate

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is keeping interest rates low – in fact, they’ve never been lower. The RBA is doing this in an effort to stimulate the economy – they’re hoping banks will follow suit by keeping interest rates on loans low too.

That’s great if you’re borrowing money, but not so good if you’ve got money to save.

With no sign of rates increasing by any meaningful amount in the short-term, how can you put your savings to work?

There are a few options available, so take time to research the ins and outs of each before deciding on the best strategy to meet your circumstances…

Term Deposits

One way is to invest your savings in a term deposit – while the interest rates won’t be exceptional, they will be higher than an everyday transaction account. Important to know is that a term deposit may require you to lock your money away for a fixed period of time, so be aware of the required period and make sure you won’t be needing access to your savings.

Introductory term deposits also offer better rates than transaction accounts but after a fixed time, the rate tends to drop. At that point you may might want to shift your money.

Savings Accounts

You can also put your money in an ongoing savings account. This will usually require you to drop money into the account each month.

Shares and Bonds

If you’re prepared to look outside the banks, you can always invest in shares or bonds. These have the potential to give you a higher return than relying on interest rates from the bank, however there are no guarantees. While bonds tend to be less risky than shares, both can lose you money, so do your homework and take advice.

Pay down your loans

If you own a property that has a mortgage on it, or you have personal debt, one of the most sensible ways to use your savings while interest rates are low is to pay your borrowings down. Making extra repayments can carve months – or even years – off your mortgage and save you thousands of dollars in interest. Paying a personal loan will do the same – just be sure to check the details surrounding early paybacks to ensure you won’t be penalised.


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