What is a COVID-Safe Plan, Anyway?

There’s been plenty of talk about the need for all businesses to have a COVID safe plan, but do you know what a COVID safe plan is?

While some business associations / industry support groups insist on you becoming a member before they share how you can develop your own COVID safe plan, but fortunately, there’s no need to do this.

The Australian Government has developed a comprehensive toolkit to help you develop a clear plan that’s relevant to your business – its size, industry, level of public interaction etc.

The toolkit takes about 30 minutes to work through and you’ll come out the end with a clear plan on trading through, and after, the COVID‐19 pandemic.

In essence:

  • The tool kit will provide you with a better understanding of how your work health and safety risks have changed; how to make your business COVID‐19 safe; and how to respond in the event of a COVID‐19 infection.
  • Additionally, the tool kit will advise you on how and what you need to do to adapt and get your business up and running, in spite of the pandemic.
  • And finally, it will provide valuable information about the government and industry support that’s available to you – and who you need to contact to access it.

Take Action Now

There is no doubt that heading back to business, as we come out of the pandemic, is concerning for individuals and employers alike. Take a look at the COVID Safe Plan and spend 30 minutes working your way through. Then call the Ayers Group for additional assistance to get your business flying.

At the Ayers Group, we’re here to help with payroll and administrative systems that can streamline your operations and free you and your team up to focus on surviving and thriving as we learn to live and do business alongside COVID-19. Call an expert from the Ayers Group today to discuss your needs.