Where are you at in the New Year?

As we wind down for the Christmas break, it’s a good time to start thinking about your priorities for the new year. Where do you want to be by this time in 2022? And how will you get there?

Regardless of your experience, skillset or interests, here are a few simple strategies to put in place to help drive your success.


  1. Establish goals that push you mentally and physically

Push yourself through your comfort zone with short and long-term goals broken down into action points. Create a timeline for each action and each goal, then regularly check back to ensure you’re on track to achieve your ultimate objectives.


  1. Boost your skills

Make yourself more appealing as a contractor by constantly developing your skillset, seeking new experiences, networking with professional groups, attending events (whether face-to-face or virtual) and enrolling in industry education courses. Even courses that don’t directly relate to your field of work can inspire new ideas, expand your knowledge and grow your contacts.


  1. Outsource what you can

What bores you? What don’t you enjoy? What aren’t you good at? As your contracting work expands, consider outsourcing these tasks so you can be free to focus your talents on delivering gold standard outcomes to your employers. In doing so, you’ll generate more contracts through repeat engagements and word-of-mouth.


  1. Only the best

If too many contracts are stretching your capacity, it’s time to start whittling them back. Choose the most consistent, rewarding and best-paying employers to focus your attention on and be prepared to let the lesser ones go.

You’ll feel empowered, more energised and appreciated in an instant!


  1. Invest in marketing

Keep up to date with the latest opportunities to promote your skills and achievements online – whether your customers are on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media site, be sure to build and maintain your presence with uploads that inform and add value.


Take a break and seek help when you need it

Don’t let your workload hold you back from achieving your professional and personal goals. At the Ayers Group, we have experts on hand to provide you with personal advice, and online platforms to help you manage all your administration and obligations. We can even help you build your wealth with advice on salary sacrificing, novated leasing, tax returns and more. Contact an expert from the Ayers Group today.