The Skies the Limit: Fiona Dennehy Joins the Team

We’re thrilled to welcome Fiona to the team.

Fiona joined The Ayers Group as Marketing and Sales Coordinator in late February, having come from a media agency where she worked on the Qantas portfolio. With a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing, and having experienced a few internships and worked as a marketing assistant, she says she’s eager to get her teeth into her new job.

“What impressed me most during the interview process was the company culture – everyone seemed so committed to the business and passionate about our clients – that was exactly what I was looking for. Now that I’ve started, I’m so excited because I’m convinced that I’ve found a company with values that are aligned with my own.”

Fiona’s first week was spent stepping through the business – playing the role of a client so she can really understand the services and processes on offer and how they meet the needs of our clients.

“I’m meeting the people in each team, getting a great understanding of the business, and learning about migration, visas – all those things I’ve never had to know much about before. Everyone has been really welcoming, and I can see that when it comes to marketing, the sky is the limit at The Ayers Group – there is so much we can achieve!”

Outside work Fiona enjoys going to the gym and baking cakes. “I enjoy letting go of the day’s stress by heading to the gym after work, and I love making cakes for my family and friends, it’s a fantastic creative outlet.

“I also love spending time with Roxy, my 15-year old Maltese x Shih Tzu, and with my nephews and nieces – they are so much fun and a great reminder that I’m nowhere near ready for my own kids!”

Please join us in welcoming Fiona to the team.