By Andrea McHutchon, Country Director, SALT Australia


The Background

SALT Australia is part of a global recruitment business. We have points of presence in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, South Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Here in Australia, we have a team of just over 30 consultants.

Recruitment is always competitive, but right now, it is especially challenging – there aren’t enough candidates to fill all roles available. That means we must be particularly efficient when it comes to identifying candidates, interviewing them, and getting firm offers on the table.

The Goal

We were looking for a company to manage the administrative and compliance requirements of many of the contractors we place with our clients. From-time-to time, we also wanted to access migration services, typically for candidates already working in Australia on a visa who want to change their role – we wanted a partner who would facilitate this on our behalf.

The Relationship

The Ayers Group is capable of quickly understanding our business requirements and coming up with solutions other companies can’t match. They’re also incredibly agile when it comes to changing tack to implement those solutions.

They provide a highly consultative service, they understand the importance of confidentiality, and perhaps most importantly in such a competitive market, they’re fast.

The Difference

For every role we offer a candidate, we can be sure they’ve been offered two more. But, because the Ayers Group is so fast at managing the onboarding process, they give us the best chance to secure talent ahead of anyone else.

In terms of migration services, the Ayers Group really makes a difference to our workload. Migration is challenging because the roles open for sponsorship are always changing. Knowing we have a third party constantly doing the research, advising us on the eligibility of candidates, and managing the visa process is hugely beneficial. It really means we can get on with recruiting candidates knowing that everyone we place will be fully compliant with the relevant government regulations.

With the Ayers Group looking after our clients, contractors, and our business requirements, we don’t need to get involved in much of the associated administration at all. They make the whole process seamless.