What Are You Really Seeing?

When was the last time you had your eyes tested?

While most of us think a visit to the optometrist is about getting a new pair of glasses so we can see our screens or into the distance, it’s important to know that an eye examination is equally important to detect early signs of blinding eye disease.


March 6-12 is Glaucoma Awareness Week and glaucoma is known as the ‘sneak thief of sight’ because it steals your sight without you even noticing. Yes, you can become blind!

While glaucoma typically affects people in their later years, there are plenty of people in the midst of a working career who have been devastated by  it too.


Kirk Pengilly is famous for discovering he had glaucoma while on tour with INXS in the late 80s. At just 29 years of age, he was fortunate to be treated with laser therapy that just managed to save his vision.


Not so lucky was Sydney-sider Shannon Davis who was 43 when he had his first ever eye check with an optometrist. At that check-up, he was told that he was legally blind due to glaucoma. He hadn’t even noticed that he’d lost his peripheral vision – his brain was making up the bits of the world around him that his eyes could no longer see! Now at the age of 45, with two little kids – four and one year olds ­– he’s had to give up his executive role with one of the major accountancy firms.


We Don’t Have To Go Blind

Most blinding diseases are preventable – we just need to have an eye check every two years. That’s far less often than the six-monthly check up’s were subjected to for for our teeth (and there’s no grinding, picking or drilling in the process!).

So what are you waiting for?  Look up your local optometrist and book an eye test – most optometrists won’t charge you a cent and even if they do, they might just save your vision and your career!


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