People Space SA Case Study

By James Ng, Recruitment Consultant



People Space SA is a boutique recruitment business that looks after clients of all sizes, including global corporates. Some of them come with hybrid requirements – they need permanent and contractors, so the demands on administrative services like onboarding and offboarding contractors, processing timesheets, expense sheets and payroll are a constant challenge.


The Goal

Recruitment is a full-time gig – as a recruiter, I spend all my time with people so, when it came to taking on my own business in November 2020, I knew I’d need administrative support from day one.


As far as I was concerned, the Ayers Group was the ideal solution. Having worked for companies that had used them before, I was confident they’d provide great quality service and that I’d get the benefit of a highly skilled and experienced team.


Our Partnership

Once I’ve recruited a contractor, the Ayers Group does the rest – I don’t have to get involved in any administration for that person. For a reasonable fee, they also finance payroll for my contractors, which is a huge responsibility off my shoulders – it means I can be confident that everyone is paid on time every time, which is integral to me being able to attract the best talent. And finally, the Ayers Group acts as my company’s accounts receivable department – if payments are late, they either follow-up the client directly or advise me so I can make contact. It’s a one stop service, which is excellent.


The Difference

I couldn’t be happier with the relationship I have established with The Ayers Group – I trust them to do the right thing and I really get the feeling that everyone there is on my side – they are very timely and responsive to my needs, and they work around the clock to come up with solutions for any issues that arise.


I also have confidence in the service they provide on my behalf when working with my clients and contractors – it’s a level of service that helps me to differentiate my business in a market that is dominated by big players.


I’d endorse the Ayers Group any day – if not for them, the contractors arm of my business wouldn’t have taken off – I really couldn’t have done it without them.