ProjectSource Case Study

By Cath Hazelwood, Director



ProjectSource is a niche recruitment company. We specialise in sourcing and placing talented project teams to help our clients who are primarily in the technology sector. Project managers, change managers, business analysts – people with skills that companies often need for the short to medium term.


Right now, the market is very tough. Australia is heavily reliant on foreign workers to provide technology specific skills in high demand and, because our borders have been closed for the last two years, those workers are few and far between. That means as a recruiter, I’m competing to source talent from the same small pool all my competitors are in. I work hard to succeed.


The Goal

When I started ProjectSource four years ago, what concerned me most was not getting out there and winning clients or finding contractors, it was managing all the operational stuff. Back-office admin, payroll, timesheets, invoices, accounts – all that stuff blows my mind – I literally don’t understand it and I don’t want to get involved.


So, my goal was to partner with a company that would take it all on. I wanted to introduce clients and contractors to a provider who would manage all their administrative needs from start to finish.


Fortunately, I knew about The Ayers Group and I knew how good they were. I took them on.


The Relationship

I couldn’t ask for more. As I take new clients or contractors on, I introduce them to the Ayers Group and that’s the last I see of their admin. It’s a bit like a three-way relationship – I source and place them with a client; Ayers manages all their administration; everyone wins.


From my clients’ and contractors’ perspective it’s awesome. The Ayers Group has a great portal that’s really easy to use – my contractors tick the days and hours they’ve worked, that gets sent to my client who approves it, everything’s in the system, they’re paid and their obligations are met.


The Ayers Group also helps me with migration services, which is amazing. I identify the contractors I need, they check on visa eligibility, make the arrangements and employ the contractors ready for me to place them. All the complex leg work is done and the responsibility of managing workers on visas is off my shoulders.


If ever I do have any questions, I send an email or call and I’ve got a response in 15 minutes – that’s an extraordinary good service level!


The Difference

Essentially, it’s peace of mind so I can focus on what I’m good at – which is recruiting.


In four years, I’ve never had a complaint about the Ayers Group, I can only say good things about them. In fact, if ever I’m talking to someone whose setting up in recruitment, I tell them they need to use Ayers.


They’re a dream to work with.