Joe Summerling Finds his Place with the Ayers Group

Joe moved to Australia just over three months ago to fill a temporary role and has made a big splash with us. Such is his talent – and his ability to fit into the organisation – that we couldn’t resist taking him on full time as a business development consultant.

For Joe, joining our team provides plenty of challenges coupled with professional satisfaction.

“Having worked in IT recruitment in the United Kingdom, I understand the industry. I enjoy talking to prospects about our payroll and contractor management solutions because I know they will make those businesses more competitive and efficient.

The most satisfying part of the job is successfully explaining these complex solutions so that our clients understand and can make the most of them – it’s a good feeling being able to make a positive difference.”

Asked why he decided to stay on permanently, having originally planned to stay with the Ayers Group for just a few weeks, Joe said there were several reasons.

“I really love the culture of the organisation. Right from the start, everyone, from our managing director down, has been friendly and very supportive. The work, as I mentioned, is satisfying, and I can see plenty of opportunities to grow with the company and even move to different locations over time. That flexibility and opportunity to build on my skills have strong appeal.