Recruiters Under Pressure as Job Vacancies Skyrocket

Australian recruiters are under siege as demand for workers continue to increase. South Australia and Queensland have experienced the strongest demand for workers, but they’re not alone.

While this constant growth in demand for jobs is great for job seekers, it’s not so good for employers who need talent, or recruiters who are struggling to fill briefs.

And it’s not about to change. According to APAC economist Callam Pickering, job ads are well above pre-pandemic numbers. “By the end of February, job postings were tracking 111% ahead of their pre-pandemic level. The resilience of the Australian economy and labour market throughout the entire pandemic has been nothing short of extraordinary,” he said.

While South Australia and Queensland together account for over 90% of growth in the February and March, forward-looking measures “clearly show that the labour market will continue to tighten in the coming months,” he said.

Predicting that we’ll see employment figures unseen in a long time, Callam said logistics and software developers are among the highest professions in demand, as are human resources managers who are working to help manage the situation.


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